Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I was going to receive a mail-in ballot, but didn't. What should I do?

All registered voters are mailed a ballot 22 days before the Election per House Bill 13-1303. If you do not receive your ballot, contact Summit County Election Office at 970-453-3479.

Why didn't I get a ballot for the Primary Election in June?

All registered voters who are affiliated with a major political party were mailed a ballot for the Primary Election in June.  If you are an unaffiliated voter, you were mailed a letter informing you that if you wished to vote in the Primary Election, you would need to affiliate with a major political party.

If I am affiliated with a political party, can I only vote for that party in the General Election?

No.  You do not need to vote a straight party ticket.  You can vote for whomever you would like to vote for in the General Election.

Why do I have to sign the back of the ballot envelope?

Your signature on the back of the ballot envelope is compared to your signature on file. If your signature matches, your ballot will be counted. If the signatures do not match, a letter will be sent to the address on file along with a confirmation form indicating that you voted the ballot. Discrepancies in signatures that cannot be confirmed will be turned over to the District Attorney's Office for investigation.

Do I have to return my ballot by mail?

No. You may mail your ballot or return it in person to one of the Polling Locations .  Please do not allow anyone other than someone you trust to deliver your ballot for you.

When must the voted ballot be returned?

Mail ballots must be received by 7:00 PM on Election Day. If the ballot is received after 7:00 pm, the votes on the ballot will not be counted.

What if I make a mistake while voting my ballot?

If you make a mistake on your ballot do not attempt to correct it or use whiteout. Contact the Summit County Election Office for instructions on how to easily obtain a replacement ballot.

Will my vote still count if I forget to put my ballot in the secrecy sleeve?

Yes, all eligible ballots will be counted regardless of whether they are sent back in a secrecy sleeve.  Secrecy sleeves are provided to ensure the secrecy of your vote.

What if I forget to sign my return envelope and I have already mailed it?

You will be contacted by mail. You will have up to 8 days after the election to come in and sign the affidavit on the back of the ballot envelope in order for your ballot to be counted.

Can someone find out how I've voted?

No. The procedure for processing mail ballots ensures that secrecy is maintained for each voter's ballot. The secrecy sleeves containing the ballots are removed and separated from the outer envelope so that a ballot cannot be linked to a specific voter.