Dillon Reservoir Recreation

Dillon Reservoir 
Dillon Reservoir has a maximum elevation of 9,017 feet (2,748 m) above sea level and a capacity of 257,304 acre feet (317,380,000 m3). The reservoir surface area is 3,233 acres and has a shore length of approximately 26.8 miles (43.1 km). The dam on the reservoir’s south end measures 5,888 feet (1,795 m) in length, 231 feet (70 m) in height. The average depth of the reservoir is 79 feet (24 m). 
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Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee (DRReC)

Owned and operated by the Denver Water Board, Dillon Reservoir is the largest water storage facility in the Denver Water system. Recreation within the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area, which includes the reservoir surface and adjacent properties, is managed by the interagency Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee (DRReC). DRReC is comprised of Denver Water Board, Town of Dillon, Town of Frisco, Summit County Government and U.S. Forest Service. Popular recreation activities include motorized and non-motorized boating, open water and ice fishing, cycling, snowkiting, hiking, running, walking, skiing, and others. Public access to the reservoir is available via two marinas located in Frisco and Dillon, as well as several campgrounds and day use areas on the adjacent White River National Forest. 

Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee Grant Program
The Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee (DRReC) Grant Program is designed to provide funding to Local Governments, and State and Federal Agencies that manage land within the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area (DRRA). The DRReC Grant Program aims to support infrastructure improvement and planning projects that also support DRReC’s core mission:

         Protect, preserve and manage recreational lands and waters for the benefit and enjoyment of Summit County citizens and visitors to the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area. 


Permits are required for all special events and commercial activities occurring within the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area. During the summer months, the reservoir surface is patrolled by the Summit County Sheriff’s office seven days a week. In the event of an emergency, CALL 911.

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for additional information and/or to obtain a permit application.   

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