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1. I live on a road with a county road number. Why doesn't my road get plowed?
2. I pay my taxes; why isn't my road being maintained?
3. How do I find out if my road is maintained?
4. I would like to make improvements to my driveway. Do I need a permit?
5. Why can't I park my car on the county road?
6. Why does the snowplow operator plow a ridge of snow into the opening of my driveway?
7. Why can't I take the snow from my driveway and push it out into the road for the snowplow to pick up?
8. I live in a Subdivision. Why doesn't my street get plowed right away after a snowstorm?
9. I think the speed limit is too high on my street. Who do I talk to about lowering the speed limit or having speed bumps installed?
10. I would like to have a special sign installed on my street or in my neighborhood. Who do I talk to about this request?
11. Are right of way permits available online?